The Taste Of Ebony Toes Is So Sweet!

January 29, 2016 Ebony Foot Fetish | Comments Off ethnicchick @ 3:53 pm

Ebony Lesbian Taking A Taste Of Her Girlfriend's Feet

Now the Ebony girls you are going to watch in this movie are full on foot fetish freaks.

Not only do these horny black bitches like running their fingers down each other’s legs, caressing their sexy feet and sucking toes, they really like to savor the moment. To these girls, the taste of Ebony toes is very sweet indeed.

And that’s not surprising, when you see the lustful look on this girl’s face. she’s about to run her tongue between her girlfriend’s toes.

And when she does, her pussy gets so wet, she just has to do something about it. and that’s when this lesbian sex scene gets even hotter!



Foot Fetish Ebony Newcomer Is Dildoed As She Gets Her Toes Licked

January 25, 2016 Ebony Foot Fetish | Comments Off ethnicchick @ 3:40 pm

Ebony Girl Dildos Her Girfriend's Slit While Sucking her Toes

There’s nothing like going all out to satisfy your girlfriend, and this horny Ebony lesbian wants to get her friend well and truly hooked to foot fetish sex.

So, after sucking her naked tits and stroking her sexy body, she lays her down on the bed and caresses her feet and legs.

Imagine the mass of sensations this newcomer must be feeling as her toes are sucked while she gets a thick dildo rammed in her slit!

It’s only fair that she gives her girlfriend the pleasure she deserves, for teaching her the joys of foot fetish sex. This Ebony hottie will never treat being fucked by a girl quite the same way again!



Ebony Foot Fetish Sex With A Dildo As Extra!

January 21, 2016 Ebony Foot Fetish | Comments Off ethnicchick @ 3:26 pm

Two Ebony Girls Trying Out Foot Fetish And Double Dildo Lesbian Sex!

Some Ebony girls will do anything to satisfy their wet pussies! Take these two chicks for example. Sitting on the floor with no panties on, studying a double dildo. They are right to lick it first. That toy is a real thick fucker!

But as if this wasn’t enough pussy play for these horny Ebony sluts, they try out some foot fetish sex, caressing, kissing and licking each other’s sexy feet. And that’s when you know that double dildo is definitely going to come into action!

The feel of feet through sheer nylon really gets to one of these horny Ebony girls, and she takes that thick dildo and rams it into her girlfriend’s pussy, as far as she can take it! Then she spreads her stocking-clad legs and places the other end of that monster in her own wet twat…



Ebony Pornstars Fuck Feet With Their Big Tits

January 17, 2016 Ebony Foot Fetish | Comments Off ethnicchick @ 2:03 pm

Ebony Pornstar Alexis Silver Titty Fucking Candace Von's Stockinged Feet

Ebony pornstar Alexis Silver is famous for her big tits, and she’s well known as a great titty fucker… but usually to a lucky guy’s dick. Not in this case, however. Alexis and her huge boobs friend, Candace Von, have discovered another use for their massive mammaries – titty fucking each other’s feet!

Seeing these two Ebony pornstars having lesbian sex together is hot enough, but when they get down to the foot fetish action… wow! You won’t know where to look first!

Do you feast your eyes on their jiggling juggs, enjoy seeing Candace Von in black fishnet stockings, or head on down to watching them make the most of their liking for feet sex?

Of course, when you watch the movie, you’ll have a chance to do both. That is, if you’re not too busy finding that tissue box!


Ebony Lesbians With A Kinky Foot Fetish

January 13, 2016 Ebony Foot Fetish | Comments Off ethnicchick @ 12:55 pm

Two Ebony Lesbians Having Kinky Foot Fetish Sex

There’s nothing more dick hardening to watch than Kinky Black Lesbian Feet Sex, and these two horny babes take the whole idea of kink to a new level.

Not only do they enjoy getting down on the floor and playing ‘footsie on pussy’, they enjoy dressing up to really get their juices flowing!

Watching these two Ebony lesbians in action will make you realise you love fetish sex too. You may not believe me, but just think about it…

There’s nothing hotter than jerking off to a babe who loves getting kinky, is there? ;)



Ebony Girl Licking Nylon Clad Toes

January 9, 2016 Ebony Foot Fetish | Comments Off ethnicchick @ 10:48 am

Ebony Girl Clasping And Licking Her Friend's Nylon-Clad Feet

It’s one thing when an Ebony girl has a foot fetish, but it takes things one step further when she likes the feel of nylons across her tongue.

This horny ebony girl really wants to get right down to licking her friend’s sexy black feet, but first she wants to try out what it feels like to clasp her nylon-clad feet and toes, before she pulls the nylons down and really gets to grips with her fetish for feet!

You can see a bigger picture of this horny Ebony girl at Clasping Black Lesbian Feet, which is part of a set of Sexy Black Feet Pictures, where you can find more horny Ebony lesbians getting turned on by their foot fetish. But when you want to see the movies, you can….


Niow that’s a lot of choice I’ve given you to satisfy your craving for Ebony Foot Fetish, but I know you will make the most of it ;)


Ebony Teen Licks Her Girlfriend’s Feet

January 5, 2016 Ebony Foot Fetish | Comments Off ethnicchick @ 10:16 am

Ebony Teen Licking Her Girlfriend's Feet and Toes

This Ebony Foot Fetish Movie has the lot! Two horny Ebony teens with incredibly sexy feet, and the best black pussy feet poking you have ever seen!

This Lesbian Teens Black Foot Fetish holds no boundaries. Anything goes once these horny chicks realize they like licking each other’s feet and toes!



Ebony Foot Fetish Fun

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two Ebony babes having foot fetish fun

These two Ebony girls are trying out foot fetish sex for the first time. As one of them strokes her smooth feet across the other girl’s boobs, you can see she’s already turned on!

Soon these babes will be sucking each other’s toes and once that happens, there’s no stopping these horny bitches!